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About Us

ACURA Global, headquartered in Brazil, is a pioneer in the market of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Since the early 90s ACURA has successfully implemented RFID technology in large scale applications. ACURA’s RFID systems have many applications in the commercial, utility and industrial sectors of the economy. Our applications include mining to steel production, agriculture to food processing, logistics to retailing, transports to distribution chain and access control to active management. ACURA RFID Systems is very agile, promoting new technologies and innovation, with a businesslike focus on the viability of R&D projects.

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"ACURA Global decisively leads and contributes to development of the global electronic identification market. We partner and collaborate with many of the industry’s top resources. We are passionate about offering excellent products and technical support and Service to our customers is our number one priority."


ACURA has a long-term strategy of offering products and services of high value. We listen to our customers and seek the solutions that will serve them for many years. We strive for excellence in the future by keeping an eye on emerging technologies with practical solutions.

It is the combination of applications experience from many industries, relationships with global technology providers of the highest order and a passionate desire to listen and serve our customers that fuels long-term vision in this market.

ACURA strives to be the best electronic identification company in the market as a result of our long-term strategy of offering our clients products and services of high value.


Focusing on manufacturing and distribution of high value solutions, we work in partnership with our integrators and distributors, as well as strategic alliances formed with world leaders of automation in general. In the center of all adopted technologies, is our commitment with open platforms and market standards, facilitating integration with legacy corporate systems as well as and providing high scalability under any of the newer systems.