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Fastest growing emergent companies in Brazil

São Bernardo do Campo, September 13th, 2012 - For the second consecutive year, ACURA Global is among the fastest growing emergent companies in Brazil. The study was realized by Deloitte and published in partnership with the september special edition Exame PME magazine. It clearly shows a sustainable growth as it takes into account the last 3 years of profit. ACURA Global builds a growth over 2 times the average of its market and 4 times the average growth of national economy. The projections for the next period are encouraging and the challenge is to overcome even more its growing success trajectory.

The features presented in the event this morning, realized in the Sheraton São Paulo WTC Hotel, indicate that the main obstacles for emergent companies' growth are in the legal and tributary system, employment laws, resource captation, innovation conditioning and supply chain. On the other side, the main differences that take the companies to the top 250 PMEs are in the increase of portfolio of products and services, optimization of sales' process, improved customer relations, better payment conditions and better renegotiation with the providers.

Small and Medium Companies

We recommend the read of all the study found in this publishing of Exame PME magazine, as a significative data source to improve your business and learn how it is possible to grow, despite external difficulties, in a sustainable way in Brazil.