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You can check below our equipment associated by segment, aside from use cases and concepts.

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The products and services that RFID Systems offer help tracking items, making logistic processes in your company auxiliam na rastreabilidade de itens, tornando os processos logísticos da sua empresa mais integrados entre si, através da tecnologia RFID.

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Through the automation of production processes using equipment offered by RFID Systems, the industrial manufacture can be improved following lean manufacturing guidelines, for example.

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RFID plays an essential role in the mining and siderurgy operations. Extremely hostile environments are the tonic in these sectors and RFID shows all of its advantages relative to other identification technologies.

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The RFID Systems solutions offer agility and security to work well on hospital environments, and also decreasing time and workforce spent.

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Petróleo e Gás
Oil and Gas

RFID Systems offers solutions for equipment, aside from the use of active tags in platforms for monitoring of personnel and material. We also offer a line of certified readers.

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