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Since the mid-90s, Marcos Honda pioneered the dissemination of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) when he came into contact with this fascinating technology. Sought to sate your appetite for information, visiting fairs, international companies and web sites focused on the theme. The initiative aims to focus RFIDBlog.com.br information on RFID technology that is changing our everyday lives radically over recent years. Global ACURA support this pioneering initiative in Brazil, contributing to a growing community with great interest this identification technology, through articles, personal experiences, interesting links, cases and other relevant information.

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Resident in São Bernardo do Campo - SP, is the generation that rang in the 80s. Think traveling is money better spent there. Learned to like Pink Floyd, which he thought was dull in teens today required on your Ipod, which also has a lot Oasis, Classics 80, Jazz and MPB. Filmmaker frustrated during the undergraduate years, today is content to watch various movies and American series on Blu-ray in PlayStation3 his son, to the despair of it. Play sports regularly, especially Tennis, which this blogger has a "struggling" player. Although not obvious, is a fan of motorcycles.

Having spent by companies such as IBM, Diebold - Procomp, Global ID, Sokymat, and Epson is currently a director of Global ACURA and board member of AIM Global, headquartered in Pennsylvania - USA.

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